Upcoming conference proves how rudderless, off-message, self-defeating NOM has become

Jennifer Roback Morse admits that marriage equality is coming.  She doesn't even say might be coming or could be coming.  In unequivocal language, the former senior spokesperson for the National Organization For Marriage's Education Fund (who has since gone solo) predicts that marriage equality will be in all fifty states by the summer of 2015.

Robert Oscar Lopez has one of the most vitriolic quote banks in the modern marriage movement.  He routinely equates same-sex parenting with slavery, to name just one of his most vicious slights.  Though beyond that oft-repeated talking point, there is plenty more viciousness to go around; see his full CAP profile if you'd like your jaw to come in contact with your carpet.

Yet despite these two headliners carrying messaging that would seem to be less-than-pragmatic for the national organization that has positioned itself as the leading opponent of civil marriage equality in this nation (and another headliner, Pat Fagan, who works for the Family Research Council, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated as a hate group), the National Organization For Marriage has proudly signed on as a cohost of an upcoming conference that is all about keeping marriage discrimination in the state of Utah:

[Stand For The Family Conference]

NOM's whole existence is built around disproving that animus drives its movement and that marriage equality is inevitable.  Lopez and Morse both discredit NOM's claims.  In fact, they help us make our claims much more than the help NOM.

But wait, there's more!  The primary sponsor of this whole conference is an organization called Family Watch International.  This organization advocates for so-called "ex-gay" therapy, recently going so far as to co-produce (with NARTH) a documentary wholly built around pushing that scientifically discredited practice.  Even more chilling (if you can believe it) is FWI's international outreach, which involves sending staff members abroad to nations like Nigeria to discourage them from decriminalizing homosexuality.

This is the kind of team with whom NOM, circa 2014, now associates.  It all further proves just how little NOM's top brass cares about seeming mainstream or actually "winning" much beyond their next paychecks.  It also strengthens my hypothesis that this organization is now run by a covert pro-LGBT mole in socially conservative drag.