United Restaurant and Tavern Owners Association dumps Russian vodka in response to anti-LGBT laws in Russia

The United Restaurant and Tavern Owners Association (URTO) along with its President, Paul Hurley, held a press conference at Desmonds Steak House with LGBT advocates as they dumped Russian-made vodka into the streets of Manhattan.

This public display of protest occurred in response to the anti-LGBT propoganda law, which was recently enacted in Russia. In June, Russia’s Parliament passed a bill banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations." President Vladimir Putin quickly signed the law and shortly after approved a bill that sharply limits the adoption of Russian children by people from countries allowing marriage equality. The new law makes it illegal to hold hands, wear a rainbow flag, or even speak about being gay around minors.

Founded in 1937, The United Restaurant and Tavern Owners Association is the oldest and largest hospitality organization in the City of New York. Composed of over 3,000 hotels, clubs, restaurants, and bars, this organization makes large contributions to the entertainment and tourist industry in New York City.

See photos of the vodka dump below. (Photos free to use, courtesy GLAAD).

Supporters gather for press conference and vodka dump outside of Desmonds Steak House in Manhattan.

URTO President, Paul Hurley, stands with advocate, Johnny Donovan, as they prepare for the vodka dump.

URTO and supporters dump Russian vodka into the street.


Photos were taken by Chelsea Shamy, Faith Issues Intern at GLAAD.