Ugandan LGBT publication, Bombastic Magazine, is making a huge impact

After Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2014, intolerance, aggression, and persecution for the LGBT community increased immensely. A new Ugandan LGBT publication, Bombastic Magazine, is looking to protect the community by telling their authentic stories. Kasha Jacqueline, one of the founders of Bombastic Magazine and the LGBT movement in Uganda, says that, "changing the hearts and minds of regular Ugandans I the most crucial step in triggering real change." She goes on to write that it is, "better able to build empathy rather than just educate. Nothing sways public opinion faster than storytelling." Amplifying voices will accelerate acceptance, and Kasha's publication embodies that idea perfectly – but they need your help.

20,000 copies were distributed of Bombastic's first edition, and they had a huge impact. The Ugandan media covered the issue, Kasha was featured in TIME Magazine, and both the highest levels of government and most isolated members of the LGBT community were exposed to it. However, in order to publish a second edition of the magazine, print enough copies to reach the whole country, and continue making huge change for LGBT Ugandans, Bombastic needs support. To help, the international LGBT organization IGLHRC has set up this fundraising campaign, and you can find more information about Bombastic here.

Bombastic has created an inspiring video explaining its foundation and mission. In it Kasha explains, "We've seen the media calling for the hanging of homosexuals, and this is the only message that Ugandans get, so it was important for us to bring another narrative to the stories that are portrayed in the media… [It's important for] people to see the stories and know that what they are going through, they're not going through alone." You can watch the video below and contribute to the publication here.