UCF student banned from fraternity because he is openly gay

George Dumont, student at University of Central Florida, says he has been banned from joining a fraternity because he is openly gay.

Five days before his initiation the Beta Theta Pi fraternity removed Dumont from the pledge group, reports Florida Today.

"My two main goals are for the truth to come out and for my reputation to be reconciled and repaired," Dumont said. The fraternity's president, Nat Jones, denied the allegations and wished him the best, but said they were disappointed with the YouTube video Dumont was in, which now has over 20,000 views.

In the video Dumont shows a text message exchange he had with another member. He asked "was there a reason" for him to be removed from the pledges, and the member suggest that it was because other members of the group were "uncomfortable" with his sexual orientation.

Dumont said that another member of the fraternity confirmed at a later date that he was rejected because he is gay.

According to LGBTQ Nation George Dumont has since filed a complaint to the university.