Two transgender women of color verbally harassed and attacked on Atlanta's MARTA train

At the Five Points MARTA train station in downtown Atlanta, two transgender women of color were verbally harassed and physically attacked by several men. Janell Crosby and Tyra Woods told Channel 2 News that no one tried to help them during the brutal attack, but the incident was filmed by passengers who have since shared video footage online. One of the women was thrown to the ground and stripped nude during the assault.

"They were trying to find out if we are men or women,” said Tyra Woods. “I shouldn’t have to disclose who I am to an innocent person who I’m not even interested in talking to.”

Crosby and Woods say they were harassed, attacked and embarrassed, and no one came to give them any help.

“I really didn’t want to fight, but he just kicked me and tried to make a big scene,” said Crosby.

“We will not tolerate this kind of behavior on MARTA,” said MARTA spokesperson Lyle Harris. “We are now taking this under investigation. The MARTA Police Department is looking at what happened on that tape to see if we can determine who was involved and what happened and we will take every action.”

MARTA wasn’t made aware of the incident until Young called them Friday afternoon. They said none of the riders called 911 or alerted staff.

Today, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released its annual report on violence against LGBTQ people and those affected by HIV. NCAVP found a 21% increase in reports of physical hate violence in 2013. The report also showed that 72% of LGBTQ homicide victims in 2013 were transgender women, and 89% were people of color. 

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