Two are yet to be found

Vivian Diego, a transgender waitress at Eva Longoria's Los Angeles restaurant Besos, was coming home from work when she was beaten unconscious by four men in May 2013. The incident was caught on security cameras and Diego survived, but suffered painful injuries. Her attackers are being brought to justice, but so far only two out of the four have been arrested; most recently a second arrest was made October 24th and the trial of one, Nicol Shakhnazaryan is underway. Shaknazaryan's lawyers are attempting to blame the victim for the attack by claiming self-defense. The second suspect Samuel Garunts, 21, has also entered a not guilty plea and is expected back in court on November 18th. This year Transgender Awareness Week will be held November 12-19th to make visible the struggle and triumphs of transgender people everywhere and November 20th 2013, National Transgender Remembrance day will allow the nation to remember those transgender women and men who have been murdered.