Turning to non-traditional outlets for help: one LGBT immigrant's story

Alex Aldana and other LGBTQ immigrant organizers like him are working against many odds. Gay, immigrant and organizers, they often have to put their own personal battles to the side as they work for larger gains for their several communities. But in this case, Aldana has no choice but to fight for his own future. If he doesn't, Aldana will not be able to remain in the country to continue his work for and with others.

That's why Aldana has turned to crowdsourcing on GoFundMe. He is hoping that his communities (LGBT, Latino, immigrant, writers, students, people of color and all the intersected) will come together and help him pay his $3,000 bond so he can stay in the country and not be separated from his mother.  

Aldana believes so strongly in the importance of love and chosen family that he risked his own status to go back to Mexico and help young people who had been deported come back to the United States to try to reunite with their loved ones. Back in the States he is hoping that others will now help him stay in the country.

Increasingly, people are turning to non-traditional platforms like GoFundMe to support the actions and communities in the world they want to see made possible.