Turning away the poor because the church is LGBTQ inclusive

A church that feeds the poor in Pasadena is being pushed out of its charitable efforts because the congregants and the pastor agreed to support their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families according to Hoy, Los Angeles.  The Children's Hunger Fund provided the Pasadena Presbyterian Church of Pasadena with the resources to give out bags of food to the over 250 people that would line up every Sunday.  In December the organization sent out a letter telling the church they no longer planned to support the program because the church had taken its LGBT supportive stance.  The reporter, Soudi Jimènez interviews members of the church, like Maria Fernandez a long-time church leader whose son is gay and participants in the program.  One of the participants reveals that his family of five barely makes enough to cover the expenses of what technically is not even a proper one-bedroom apartment.  The food bags help him feed his family.  Too bad that the organization whose mission it is to feed the poor wants to punish a congregation that is doing just that while also being an inclusive house of worship.

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