Turn to these GLAAD Media Institute alumni for updates and information about coronavirus

During uncertain times, It is vital to stay up-to-date with the facts, and GLAAD Media Institute Alumni are staying on top of the Coronavirus crisis to help make sure the correct information out there. Here are just a few examples of what GLAAD Media Institute Alumni are doing to make sure that the truth is being reported.

Tony Lin

Tony Lin is a producer who came to a GLAAD Media Institute course in New York City in 2017. He has had bylines in GQ, Buzzfeed, the Columbia Journalism Review, and more. Tony has been covering the Coronavirus since the beginning of this year. In early March, he shared a Twitter thread of what to expect from the Coronavirus crisis, based on observations and stories from his work in China following the virus.

While much of Tony’s tweets are alarming, there is some good news:


Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman, an actor who stars on The Walking Dead, shared his story about Coronavirus testing in the United States. Newman writes that he was visiting Australia to celebrate an LGBTQ Pride Mardi Gras event in Sydney, and felt like he had a cold when he flew back to America. The cold then took a turn for the worse, but when Newman went to the ER for testing, he was only able to be tested because a nurse recognized him from The Walking Dead. Even then, his test was not allowed to be processed. Newman writes, "My biggest fear is that I have passed whatever illness I have on to someone. I haven’t seen my family since returning from Australia. I wish I could know whether it is safe to see them." Newman’s story is important, and reminds us that every number we see in data about the Coronavirus is a real person, and that everyone should be mindful about the real impacts they could have.

Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird, an author, alum, and Rising Star, shared the news that he is writing and editing a new podcast called the Coronavirus Daily Briefing. The Coronavirus Daily Briefing podcast is designed to get you all the Coronavirus information you need in just 15 minutes. Take a listen to the most recent episode here:

Ron Holt

Dr. Ron Holt is a GLAAD Media Institute alum who attended a workshop in San Francisco. While not strictly Coronavirus related, Dr. Holt presented to students at Kansas City University as a moderator for a panel on how to be respectful and attentive to LGBTQ people while working in medicine.

GLAAD joined organizations including AIDS United to call on Congress to recognize that people with HIV have a heightened vulnerability to Coronavirus. GLAAD shared a blog post about this campaign and you can sign a petition to add your name. Dr. Holt’s work will help ensure that as the Coronavirus crisis goes on, healthcare professionals have all the tools at their disposal to best respect LGBTQ people and people with HIV. 

The GLAAD Media Institute will be offering virtual courses and workshops to activists and advocates around the country, and world, in the weeks to come. Click here to learn more about how to join a course or workshop and use your voice as a GLAAD Media Institute alum.