TUNE IN: The Hinterlands, series about bullied LGBT teen, nominated for 4 awards by International Academy of Web TV

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) has recognized The Hinterlands, a musical series about bullied LGBT youth, with four nominations. The awards air online tonight at 9PM EST.

The Hinterlands premiered online in October as a free web series in response to the many young LGBT lives lost to suicide. It follows a 16-year-old boy named Paul as he navigates coming to terms with being gay in an isolated, rural community where he experiences an onslaught of bullying. You can watch all seven episodes here. No better day for binging on a series than when there's a Polar Vortex outside, am I right? (Even if you're not part of the Polar Vortex thing, this is a perfect excuse to pretend you are).

The series was brought to audiences by numerous Broadway talents, including co-creators and -writers Michelle Elliot and Danny Larsen (both nominated for "Best Writing (Drama)." Danny is also nominated for "Best Cinematography") and the show's lead actor Connor Russell (nominated for "Best Male Performance in a Drama"). The Hinterlands is also up for the "Best Dramatic Series" award.

As described by Broadway World, "the IAWTV Awards recognize the best in original online programming and honor the content creators driving today's rapidly evolving digital entertainment industry.

Each episode features original music brought to you by established and rising Broadway stars, including David Andrew Anderson, John Bolton, Andrew Brewer, Tony-nominee Erin Dilly, Caitlin Kinnunen, Daniel Quadrino, and Brianne Wylie.

Tune in to watch the IAWTV Awards live online tonight at 9PM EST!