Tuck Woodstock’s trying to figure out “what the heck gender is”. Listen to them on the LGBTQ&A podcast.

Tuck Woodstock's devoted their career to celebrating trans people and debunking the many assumptions and myths around gender. A self-proclaimed "Gender Detective," they've spent the last five seasons of their podcast, Gender Reveal, interviewing trans and nonbinary folks and also expanded into grant and mutual aid programs.

Gender isn't simple for anyone, whether you're trans or cis, a fact Woodstock readily embraces in their work.

"It's that high thought of, What if your blue is my green, and your red is my blue, right? With gender, it's like, What if your boy isn't my boy, and what if your girl, isn't my girl? And ultimately it does not matter. And it shouldn't matter. It's something that I think some cis people get stuck on, is that they want their blue to be my blue, and they want their boy to be my boy. And it doesn't have to be. There's no reason that it has to be that way."

Things are changing rapidly. Kids are coming out at younger ages; quality trans representation is at an all-time high; our collective understanding of gender, its implications and mutability, has moved beyond the binary.

"I am really, really, really excited to see what the future looks like in terms of gender," Woockstock says on this week's episode of LGBTQ&A. They also talk about presenting how they want despite the safety issues, naming themself after a joke they made on Twitter, and how their gender and sexuality are continuing to evolve.

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