'True Life: I'm Genderqueer' part of Trans Awareness Week on MTV and Logo

As part of Transgender Awareness Week, MTV and Logo will premiere the special True Life: I'm Genderqueer on MTV on Tuesday night at 11pm ET/PT, with an encore airing Wednesday morning on Logo.

While transgender men and women continue to reach new levels of visibility, little attention has been paid to genderqueer and gender non-conforming members of the transgender community. This episode of the True Life series follows two genderqueer youth who reject traditional gender labels and identify as outside of the conventional categories of man and woman.

•      Jacob, 24, lives in New York City and defines their identity without using labels. As Jacob puts it, “it’s about embracing the fact that gender is complicated.” The episode follow’s Jacob’s evolving relationship with their father, who feels uncomfortable with Jacob’s open embrace of being genderqueer. (Jacob recently appeared in GLAAD's photo project about transgender microaggressions.)

•      Brennen, 17, lives with his parents in Florida and struggles to tell them that he identifies as genderqueer and rejects the female pronouns that they use for him. As Brennen opens up to his parents, he begins to live as his authentic self.

Logo will also host the television premiere of Beautiful As I Want To Be, a trans-focused docuseries that spotlights transgender youth. Geena Rocero, an out trans model, introduces each episode and also serves as Executive Producer. Logo will air an encore of True Life: I’m Genderqueer at 10am ET/PT on Wednesday, November 18 which will be followed by three episodes of Beautiful As I Want To Be beginning at 11am ET/PT.

MTV’s “Look Different” campaign also launched a genderqueer hub with resources and information on genderqueer and transgender issues.

In a first for a major television network, MTV’s logos across social platforms will change to proudly display the transgender flag during Transgender Awareness Week. MTV News will also be posting news articles and first-person accounts throughout the week.

On Friday, November 20, the Transgender Day of Remembrance, Logo and MTV's "Look Different" campaign will hold an online vigil and special video spots calling for an end to violence against trans women. They will air throughout the day on MTV.

On November 4, MTV’s hit comedy Faking It also extended a casting call for transgender actors to appear in speaking and background parts next season. Trans actors just need to submit a short video talking about their best friend, since the show is all about friendships surviving through the life’s ups and downs. More info at http://fakingitcasting.com