Transgender woman Sarah McBride takes a stand with #WomenAreEqualDC

















Sarah McBride, a transgender woman and political activist, is featured in a campaign with the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights to raise awareness to the D.C.'s civil rights laws that protect women in the workplace.

The #WomenAreEqualDC campaign seeks equality in the workplace. While laws are in place to protect against sex discrimination in the workplace, many men and women may not be aware of such rights. Sarah McBride has become one of the faces of this campaign to raise such awareness among the community in D.C.

McBride has been in the public eye for quite some time because of this activism. She graduated from American University in 2013, after serving as the student body president for a year. She has also worked with the state government in Delaware to pass legislation that protects the transgender community from discrimination based on gender identity.

Similar to her success at American, Sarah McBride has been the face of a campaign across D.C. without people knowing her solely for her gender identity. She stands as a strong woman, who is voicing her support for the equality of all women, regardless of gender identity, race, or sexual orientation.

Very recently, McBride published an article recalling the loss of her husband at the age of 24 to cancer. In this article she details their love story, both the highest of highs and lowest of lows. She wrote a touching line that has struck a chord with many, when she says people must "make the choice to stop the hate and to let love, light, and authenticity flourish."

Through their gender equality campaign, #WomenAreEqualDC, the D.C Office of Human Rights have been seeking to raise awareness of the laws that protect women in the workplace. Some of these laws include the protection of women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. As a part of this campaign, a TEDx Salon on gender equality will be hosted by TEDx MidAtlantic and OHR in mid-November 2015. Exact date and location will be announced the second week of October. For more information on this campaign, click here.