Transgender teenage girl stabbed on Washington, D.C. Metro

Yesterday, a 15-year-old transgender girl was stabbed on the Green Line Metro in Washington, D.C., around 4:30 p.m. Several news outlets report that she was stabbed in the back once and was rushed to the hospital following the incident. She is recovering from what police believe are non-life-threatening injuries.

A suspect has since been arrested and charged with bias-motivated assault with a deadly weapon by the Metro Police. Witnesses, including the transgender teen's friends who were riding the train with her, say that the suspect insulted and taunted the girl before attacking her.

Often, in cases of anti-transgender violence, the media coverage can continue the victimization. GLAAD has issed a memo to the media, entitled, "Doubly Victimized: Reporting on Transgender Victims of Crime" to help journalists who may be covering the story. We are continuing to monitor media coverage of the story and will report any updates. If you see defamatory coverage of this story, please report it to GLAAD.