Transgender student's yearbook photo approved by Texas school






A South Texas school district has approved the yearbook photo of Jeydon Loredo, a transgender student wearing his tuxedo. The decision from the La Feria school district to use the photo came only after The Southern Poverty Law Center warned of possible legal action if a decision to use the photo was not made by November 21, 2013.

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve grown up with the kids here,” Jeydon said. “I’ve seen those in my community go through troubles, and denying my tuxedo photo would be a way for the district to forget me and everything I’ve brought to this community. The yearbook is for the students, not the faculty or the administration. It is a way for us to remember each other.”

Alesdair Ittelson, an attorney with the law center, said the district's decision sends "a signal to other school districts that transgender students should be recognized as important members of their communities rather than ostracized and subjected to discrimination. We applaud Jeydon's courage in standing up for his rights."

School district Superintendent Raymundo Villarreal Jr. said the resolution "is in the best interest of the student and the school and the community."

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