Transgender Photographer Loren Cameron Speaks At University Student Event

The Duluth News Tribune profiled transgender photographer and advocate Loren Cameron, and reported on his recent guest lecture at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Cameron was invited to speak and share his photographs by the University’s Queer and Allied Student Union (QASU), which received criticism from ant-LGBT activists.

Leading up to Cameron’s lecture, several media outlets gave voice to anti-LGBT activists at the group Campus Reform, which made sensational claims about the presentation and offensively misrepresented Cameron’s gender. The Duluth News Tribune countered this coverage bringing Cameron’s own words about his life and work to local attention.

At the presentation, Cameron spoke about his photographs of transgender people and shared the stories of some of his subjects. He also discussed the challenges faced by transgender people due to discrimination, and said his intent with his photography was to show bodies in transition in a non-sensational way.