Transgender people in Florida speak out

Unity Coalition, a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights organization in South Florida, led by Herb Sosa, produced a video that amplifies the voices of transgender people in a state that has no protections for transgender workers. Research shows a tremendous lack of familiarity by the American public of transgender people which makes it harder to pass protections and easier for opponents to misinform the public.

"Si yo pudiera ayudar a otros o otras, les diria que si, muchos transgeneros existen y que debemos entendernos y motivarnos a cada una para hacer cada cual lo que quieramos hacer como mujeres transgenero." "If I could help others, I would tell them that yes, a lot of transgender people exist and that we must understand and motivate each other so that we can all do what we want as transgender women, " said Natalie J. Isaac who has been speaking out for 33 years about issues that impact transgender people.

"Being transgender, Hispanic, a person of color or any other qualities that people might perceive about me are just simply things that talk about a part of myself but it's not who I am. I am love, I am support, I am gratitude, I am strength and I am faith.. And I am a human being," states Cruz Barrientos a transgender woman in the video who shares what it was like for her to learn the difference between being gay and transgender.

Yseñia Almaguer another transgender woman featured in the video recounts why she felt the need to transition. "Being honest with myself and the world means to live my truth in spite of all that I've endured to be myself in this world even though there may be people who understand and may not get who I am but I still remain humble truthful to who I am in spite of it all." Unity Coalition (Coalicion Unida) created this video as a part of their #TRANSLivesProject to highlight the lives of transgender men and women.  Tweet them using the hashtag #TRANSLivesProject to support their efforts to continue this conversation in Florida and elsewhere.