Transgender kindergartener celebrates pride in Wisconsin

During the month of June Wisconsin Public Radio's "Central Time" is featuring stories from the LGBT community of Wisconsin to celebrate Pride month. Airing every Friday during June, the radio show will be interviewing LGBT community members and activists.

On the first installment this past Friday, a 6-year-old transgender girl and her mother sat down to talk about their experiences. The girl, who was adopted by her mother when she was three, demanded to be called "Princess" and would argue with her mother about her desire to wear dresses outside of the house. When the mother allowed her daughter to be herself, the arguing stopped and the young girl was elated to be able to express her true self.

In the words of the girl, who is currently in kindergarten, "Sometimes, girls have a boy body and a girl brain."

According to the pair, the young girl is not experiencing any difficulty in school and she is treated just like all of her classmates. Although there were community members who voiced opposition to the mother's decision, the family has plenty of support from others.

During the interview the mother said:

"Kids know who they are … I think it’s important for all parents to really just listen to their kids and to watch them, because they’ll show you who they are… The transition that she has made is really remarkable. She’s calm, she’s at ease, she’s comfortable with her body and I think that’s a huge part for any parent that they would want to see in their kids."

It is refreshing to see such a heartwarming story of love and acceptance coming from a small town in Wisconsin. This interview occurred on the same day that same-sex couples began getting married in Wisconsin, showing the progress being made in the state.