Transgender Actress Jamie Clayton Appears on The Insider

Actress Jamie Clayton made her scripted primetime debut Sunday night on the HBO series Hung as Kyla, a young woman who procures main character Ray Drecker's "services" as a date for her high school reunion.  She has been making the media rounds in line with her role, including an appearance last week on The Insider and articles on People and The Advocate.

On The Insider, Clayton talks about the audition process and bursting into tears after hearing she had the part, as well as how welcoming the entire cast and crew of the show was.  Clayton also talked about trying to make it as a transgender actress in Hollywood, saying "I want to act...I want to do movies and television shows. I want to audition for all different kinds of parts, not just transgender roles. Hopefully, once people see the show, they will believe in me."  You can watch her full interview below.


Janet Mock also interviewed Clayton for a piece on, in which she spoke more about her character's storyline, and how her relationship with Thomas Jane's character evolves.  After some initial tension, Clayton says Ray's character sees Kyla for who she really  is, and says "I really hope that people walk away from the episodes with exactly what Ray walks away with: knowing that Kyla is a beautiful girl who deserves to be treated like everybody else."

In an interview with The Advocate, Clayton went into more depth about her past and her career.  On coming to realize she was transgender, Clayton says she had felt "off" for a very long time, and it wasn't until she met some other transgender women that "a light bulb went off" and she "finally felt some clarity."  She continued, saying, "I finally was able to identify what I was going through for so long and not knowing who I was and how I fit in the world and society at large. Finally I was like, Oh my goodness, that’s what it is."  When asked whether she still gets called the T-word, she says very matter-of-factly "No, I think it’s because I don’t associate myself with people that do use that language."

Clayton made her debut on the GLAAD Media Award-nominated series TRANSform Me, in which Clayton, joined by Nina Poon and series co-creator Laverne Cox, travelled the country giving women makeovers and imparting some of the life lessons they'd picked up along the way as transgender women.  Her appearance on the next few episodes of Hung marks her first big acting job, and the show's creators have already expressed an interest in possibly bringing her back for future appearances.  GLAAD too, hopes she has a long and fruitful career in front of her.