Trans Woman Found Dead in Cincinnati Parking Lot

Earlier this week, Kendall L. Hampton, a trans woman living in Cincinnati was shot and left in a parking lot.  This represents yet another trans woman of color who has been killed in recent weeks. Just last week, Tracey Gooden was killed just blocks away from where Paige Clay was killed in Chicago last April.  Members of community organizations such as Trans People of Color Coalition and Equality Ohio are shocked by the mounting number of victimized trans women of color and are working on responses to the growing issue.  

Local news stations in Cincinnati posted problematic articles about Hampton, referring to the victim as a “man” and using the pronoun, “he.” A request has been sent to the stations to have the articles amended.

GLAAD is in touch with local news stations as well as our community partners who are working on the ground in Ohio to get more details regarding the victim. At this time, we have also urged the media to be sensitive in reporting on trans issues and using proper identifiers when discussing the victims.