Trans woman CeCe McDonald to be released from prison this month

CeCe McDonald, an incarcerated trans woman of color in Minnesota, will be released from prison in January 2014, according to the CeCe Support Committee.

CeCe McDonald first received national attention after she was charged for the death of her attacker, Dean Schmitz, a white cisgender man. The attack took place in June 2011 near a local bar in Minneapolis. Several reports note that the attackers taunted McDonald and her friends with homophobic, transphobic and racist slurs, and one of the attackers threw glass at McDonald's face, resulting in a gash through her cheek. During the attack, Schmitz was stabbed with a pair of scissors and died.

Despite the urging of McDonald's supporters, as well as local and state government officials, she was tried and eventually took a plea deal for a lesser charge. McDonald was sentenced to 41 months in prison in May 2012, and has been housed in a men's prison facility. Her expected release will be more than a year early.

More of CeCe McDonald's story and life will be shared in the upcoming documentary film, FREE CECE, which is currently raising funds for production. The documentary is being co-produced by transgender advocate and actress Laverne Cox, and filmmaker Jac Gares. You can support the project here.

Stay updated with the latest on CeCe McDonald's release at the Demand Fair Justice for CeCe McDonald website