Trans People Speak: Laverne Cox

Known trans advocate Laverne Cox wasn’t always comfortable in her own skin. In fact, in her video as part of GLAAD’s “I AM: Trans People Speak” campaign, which features individuals sharing their personal experiences about being trans, she touches on her initial perceptions of trans identity and how she ultimately grew to embrace it after realizing she wasn’t “blending in effortlessly.” She also talks about her personal experiences being both black and transgender, and about the enduring positive impact that the growing up in the black church had on her.

GLAAD has worked with Laverne Cox previously in media campaigns to raise the visibility of the transgender community. She recently appeared in the “Voting While Trans” PSA series produced by the National Center for Transgender Equality and GLAAD, spoke out in favor of the Miss Universe Organization’s decision to allow transgender contestants, and reflected on the tragic death of Lorena Escalera.

In amplifying and elevating the voices in the trans community, both LGBT and mainstream media have taken note and are paying closer attention to the continued challenges trans people face when trying to engage in their communities.

Just recently, CBS News featured GLAAD and Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition’s (MTPC) online video project “I AM: Trans People Speak” which features four individuals sharing their personal experiences about being trans and observations on the transgender community.

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