Trans body builder Aydian Dowling opens up about dating, Men's Health Ultimate Guy Search

Transgender body-builder Aydian Dowling has an opportunity to make history. After entering the Men's Health Ultimate Guy Search for an opportunity to be on the cover of the major health and fitness magazine, he has been named one of five finalists of the competition. Should he be on the cover, he would be the first transgender man to ever grace the cover of a major magazine.

In a recent set of videos with vlogger Raymond Braun, Aydian sits down to discuss the contest among other things. When speaking about the opportunity to have his first magazine cover, he refers to it as "nerve-racking and really fun too." As a whole he has been inspired through this contest, especially by his fellow finalists. Aydian believes that they have all inspired each other to go out and better not only their own communities, but also the communities of each other.

Most importantly, Aydian emphasizes not only how much it would mean to him to win, but also how much this opportunity would impact an entire community. He talks about the youth who would be influenced by this cover and how drastically his life would have changed had he seen a transgender man on a magazine cover. Aydian refers to how "eye-opening [it would be] for those youth to say 'you can be who you want to be!'"

Aydian also speaks very highly of the staff of Men's Health, emphasizing their desire to educate themselves on the transgender community. He says that all he can ask is that people "get educated so that they can know for any future people that they deal with."

In a second video, Aydian, a married man, tells Raymond about dating in the transgender community. Throughout the entire video, he speaks about the importance of openness and communication. Whether it be in coming out as transgender or in educating oneself on appropriate language, Aydian emphasizes just how important it is to be understanding and consistent when addressing a person who is transgender. In the end, his message to everyone is that "you will find somebody to date [because] they are out there. Everybody, it doesn't matter if you're gay, straight, boy, girl, everybody struggles with dating."

Regardless of the outcome of the contest, Aydian has already made an extreme impact on how the world views transgender men. Through various photoshoots, an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, and his own clothing company for transgender people Point 5cc, he has been brave enough to share his story as a member of the transgender community and to prove that it really does get better.

To learn more about Aydian's story, visit his YouTube channel.