Trans Advocates Talk with 'The Insider' Tonight

Make sure to catch The Insider tonight to see a group of prominent voices from the transgender community give their take on Chaz Bono’s recent appearances on the hit reality television show Dancing with the Stars. The show will feature actress and producer Laverne Cox, transgender advocacy attorney Noah Lewis, NYC LGBT Center Board Member Stephanie Battaglino, former Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund legal assistant Mari Rosenberger, and Name Change Project participant and poet Kit Yan.

This week marks Chaz’s second consecutive appearance on DWTS, and these five panelists will take the opportunity to discuss his impact on transgender issues and mainstream American culture. “Chaz's appearance on Dancing with the Stars has heartened so many of us. His courage, determination and grace in the face of outrageous attacks have been inspirational. He has created an opportunity to inform the public about transgender people that simply did not exist before,” notes the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund in their release about tonight’s segment.

Laverne Cox told GLAAD last week, “I was so excited about Chaz last night … I cried after watching [him].” This season's series premiered last Monday.

GLAAD is proud to have coordinated with the speakers and to have made this opportunity available to keep discussing transgender issues and the importance of transgender people in the media. To find out where and when tonight’s episode of will be broadcast in your area, check out TV Guide and search for The Insider.

GLAAD also encourages outlets to continue profiling members of the transgender community, and has made several diverse spokespeople available for interviews with media. For more information about Chaz's appearance on DWTS and ways to support him, make sure to check out our "Pro Bono" page and share it with others!