Tracy Rodemeyer Remembers Her Son Jamey on Mother's Day

This morning, Tracy Rodemeyer shared a powerful post at the Huffington Post for Mother's Day in remembrance of her son Jamey.

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Tracy is the mother of Jamey Rodemeyer who died by suicide in September 2011. Jamey had previously spoken out on the bullying he faced from school peers. Lady Gaga dedicated a performance of her song "Hair" to Jamey, and credits him as the inspiration for a meeting she held with President Obama to advocate for anti-bullying legislation. Tracy and her family have become outspoken advocates for supporting LGBT youth and educating parents on the dangers of bullying.

Today she writes:

Do I deserve to be recognized on Mother's Day after all that has happened? This Mother's Day will be the hardest ever.

I do know that now that my son is in Heaven, he understands why I did the things I did. I wasn't there to just be his friend all the time; at times I had to be the mother who showed him the difference between right and wrong, taught him the ways of the world, and gave him the strength to grow wings so that one day he could fly away on his own. Little did I know that I was building the wings that he would soon use in Heaven. He must have some rather large wings, as I can feel him watching over me all the time, especially in my saddest moments, when I need him the most.

No mother should be without her children, especially on Mother's Day. It is unnatural for parents to bury their children. It is too painful, as we spent 5,294 Earth days loving, nurturing, and taking care of him, watching him grow from an 8-pound, 5-ounce bundle of joy to a 130-pound, 5-foot-4-inch young man in a short 14-and-a-half years. He had just surpassed me in height, but I was so happy looking at "my young man."

She also writes about her plans for Mother's Day this year:

I will recall all the wonderful moments that I've been blessed with so far as a mother, and maybe the not-so-wonderful moments that we can now look back on and laugh at. Yes, there are still some things that we can't laugh at yet, but Jamey taught me to not be so serious, and to not sweat the small stuff. It took a wise 14-year-old boy to teach me that! At the end of the night this Mother's Day, I will sit in the backyard, where we found Jamey on that Sunday morning, and I will pray to him to let him know how much we all miss him, and how I wish I could have done more to convince him to stay with us on Earth, and how I wish he could have spent all my remaining Mother's Days with me.

Tracy closes with a message to LGBT young adults today:

And from the mouth of Jamey: "Love yourself, hold your head up high, and you will go far." Don't worry about the negative things that people may say about you. Be yourself, and love yourself. That is all that matters. We are all different, and we should all embrace those differences, because they make us all unique and special.

To all you moms out there: Happy Mother's Day, and remember to appreciate your children, respect them for who they are, and cherish every moment you have with them, both the good and the bad, because how you look and what you are deep down inside is not all by choice. To all you children: look past what you see as criticism, and understand that you are so loved, more than you can ever imagine, but you may not understand or appreciate it until you are a parent one day. Love yourself, because baby, you were born this way!

Read the full post at Huffington Post Gay Voices and watch a video of Tracy and her family at the GLAAD Media Awards with Glee's Grant Gustin & Max Adler.

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