Top 'protect marriage' voice in TX lets his true animus shine

If you caught any coverage following last week's pro–marriage equality ruling in Texas, you probably saw the name Jonathan Saenz. In addition to numerous local outlets, both broadcast and print, national outlets like USA Today and Wall Street Journal gave Jonathan the key dissenting quote spot. In every instance, he pretended he objected to the ruling because he wants to "protect marriage."

But is that really all? Is this guy, who has become the voice of the resistance in Texas, really planning on stopping at just our ring fingers?  Or, like many in his movement, does he hold an agenda that far exceeds just this one issue and instead goes after people for who they are?

Check this out, from Mr. Saenz' own public Facebook wall:

"Friends, I often receive negative comments on social media from people I don't know about my views on the homosexuality/marriage issue. Hear's some of what I shared in a response today to one such person today. "My heart breaks for you if you are currently choosing to live a sinful sexual lifestyle while also trying to convince others that it is also okay to live a sinful lifestyle without making any efforts to change or resist sin and temptation. You can make a decision today to "go and sin no more." It's not too late. It's never too late. My love for Jesus and fellow Christians and other human beings is so strong that I must share the truth on this issue. Even if other people don't "like" me. The alarming statistical dangers of homosexual sex are well documented, even more so for gay men. Please try to open your mind to see how much people like myself and others truly care for your well-being," if you are struggling with this issue politically or personally. I pray for wisdom constantly on this issue and I pray for those that are struggling same-sex attraction as well. There is hope."

All the canards are there: It's a "choice" and a "struggle;" gay sex is innately harmful; it's a "sin" and "temptation" that must be "changed" or "resisted;" oh, and of course people like Jonathan are really just resisting us because the "care for [our] well-being." He covers all the boxes, as if he's a particularly lucky player at anti-gay bingo.

Which is fine. Let this man, who is apparently now the top surrogate for marriage discrimination in the Lone Star State say these kinds of things and admit the true extent of his agenda. I have absolutely no problem with him being so honest. All I demand is that the media outlets that continue to quote him as this and other Texas matters move forward do so in an honest way. He is telling us, in as clear of language as possible, that he believes gay people should not be gay. That goes well beyond marriage. It even goes beyond politics.

Mr. Saenz is flouting all credible science and real world data and suggesting that all of the world's LGB people are somehow "trapped" in a "struggle" from which they can and should be "freed." That is a serious, serious, serious charge. It's also a newsworthy one. It's time that the media incorporate this information into his public biography.