Tonight's 'Glee' included a story on bathroom access for transgender students, learn how to Support All Students now [SPOILERS]

Tonight's episode of Glee on Fox included a storyline for transgender student Unique (Alex Newell) regarding access to restroom facilities at her public high school. The episode highlighted the challenges faced by transgender students when they cannot safely access school facilities.

This episode is timely as California's Governor Jerry Brown recently signed the School Success and Opportunity Act (or AB 1266), a law that allows trans students to access school accommodations that affirm their gender identity. All students deserve the same opportunities to be successful, and you can find resources and ways to help support trans youth at

Unique was introduced in the season three episode "Saturday Night Glee-ver" as the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. She transferred to William McKinley High in season four, joining the New Directions. This season the show increased her role to a series regular. She is the only regular trans character on primetime scripted broadcast and cable this TV season. Newell was a runner up on the first season of Oxygen's The Glee Project and was originally only given a two-episode offer.