Timeline: The Boy Scouts' long history of discrimination

Ohio mom Jennifer Tyrrell will deliver more than 300,000 signatures to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) on Wednesday, calling on the organization to finally put an end to its ban on gay scouts and LGBT leaders. Jennifer launched a Change.org petition in April after she was ousted as leader of her son’s Cub Scouts pack because she’s gay.

Jennifer is one of countless others who have suffered an injustice at the hand of the Scouts’ discriminatory policies. Just this week, Missouri-based Eagle Scout, Eric Jones, was forcibly removed from his job at a Boy Scouts summer camp simply because he’s gay.

On Tuesday, the BSA announced that it would maintain its ban on gay scouts and LGBT leaders, citing a secret “two-year review” which concluded that discrimination is "is absolutely the best policy.”

But many people are questioning the Scouts’ methodology in its so-called “review,” including Scouts for Equality founder and Eagle Scout Zach Wahls, who today launched a Change.org petition calling on the BSA to let its Executive Board vote on a resolution that would end the ban once and for all.

“The very first value of the Scout Law is that a Scout is trustworthy. There is absolutely nothing trustworthy about unelected and unnamed committee members who are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions,” Wahls writes of the secret two-year review.

In anticipation of Jennifer’s 11am ET delivery of more than a quarter million signatures demanding an end to the Scouts’ ban on gay scouts and LGBT leaders, let’s take a look back at the BSA’s long history of discrimination