Three Graphics You Should Share to Show That People of Faith are United for Marriage

In less than three weeks, thousands of Americans will gather in our nation's capital city to rally in support of marriage equality for gay and lesbian Americans. United for Marriage—a multi-organization coalition—is connecting advocates and leaders from across the country to show the Supreme Court that a bipartisan majority believe the ability to marry the person you love to be a Constitutional right. 94 events in 42 states have been scheduled for March 26th & 27th, ensuring that the message of love and freedom goes beyond the monuments and mall of D.C. and makes its way to as many town halls and downtown avenues as possible.

This week, United for Marriage released images created by Scott Wooledge and posted by Jeremy Hooper featuring supportive quotes from faith leaders. "It is important for the Supreme Court to hear from The Episcopal Church that we welcome civil marriages for all loving couples," reads one—set against the National Cathedral, which started performing weddings for lesbian and gay couples last month. We want you to share these images to help spread the word that people of faith support LGBTQ equality.

United for Marriage is also encouraging faith communities to speak out in support of their LGBTQ congregants, friends, and family. A list of faith events in Washington D.C. can be found here, and they will soon be uploading an interactive US map which will allow you to find events in your local area.

 GLAAD is a part of the United for Marriage coalition, and we urge you to join us in Washington DC, March 25-27 as we stand for justice, freedom, and love. For full details, visit the United for Marriage web page and LIKE March 4 Marriage on Facebook. If you live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, or Rhode Island, sign up to organize an event in your hometown so we can get representation in all 50 states.