#ThisIsFamily honors the unique tradition of LGBTQ+ family structures.

June 8, 2018

#ThisIsFamily by GLAAD and Google


In honor of Pride 2018, Google is shaping a more inclusive family narrative that challenges heteronormative ideas of what a household should look like, while celebrating the unique family experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

#ThisIsFamily is a declaration of Google’s values around diversity and intersectionality, and supports LGBTQ+ families in all their forms. This year, Google amplifies and celebrates the voices of LGBTQ+ families.

#ThisIsFamily honors the unique tradition of LGBTQ+ family structures. It reminds us that no matter who makes up your family, or how you came to find “home” in each other – the joy of being loved and accepted is universal.


#ThisIsFamily is about YOU and the people in your life.

Google invites everyone to join the conversation by posting a picture or video of the people who make up your family. In your caption, share your definition of family and please include the #ThisIsFamily hashtag and tag @Google.

Donate at pride.google

GLAAD is proud to partner with Google on their This is Family campaign and on Google’s newly redesigned Pride hub, pride.google. Here, you can check out unique LGBTQ family stories, inspiring content, and make a donation to support their non-profit partners including GLAAD – And what’s more – Google will match every donation made to GLAAD and their other partners on pride.google up to $100,000 through the month of June!

#ThisIsFamily by GLAAD and Google