Thanks to RAGE campaign, SEPTA removes gender stickers on monthly transit passes

After a three year grassroots campaign by Riders Against Gender Exclusion (RAGE) the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) announced that they will stop using gender stickers on all monthly transit passes. After collecting thousands of signatures, RAGE met with SEPTA General Manager Joe Casey. Though he initially agreed to remove the stickers when a new fare system was implemented, the project was put on hold several times. RAGE held several actions including a drag show at City Hall Station and collecting stories of discrimination.

The stickers, which have been in place since the 1980s, were originally an attempt to prevent heterosexual couples from sharing passes. However, they have long made travel difficult for those whose gender expression does not match the gender marker on their pass.

“Because of our collective efforts, SEPTA has agreed to overturn this discriminatory policy. This decision by SEPTA is so important to transgender riders who daily faced discrimination and risked their own safety just to ride the bus to where they needed to go,” said Max Ray, a founding member of RAGE.

Rage is celebrating by inviting supporters to use hashtag #nogenderstickers and share images of themselves with the new fare cards or share an image of a destroyed old fare card which was created by a RAGE member.