#TellThePope: Campaign launches to urge people to share their LGBT thoughts with Pope Francis

As Pope Francis' visit to the United States quickly approaches, we've launched a campaign urging LGBT Catholics to reach out to the Pope in hopes that he will meet with them and their families during his visit.

Help us by submitting a post to the Tell the Pope tumblr page detailing your experience as an LGBT person or ally. By posting your experiences with the Catholic Church as a member of this community, you allow the voices of many devout LGBT Catholics and their allies to be heard.

Some of the ways to submit a post include:

  1. Taking a photo with a sign to tell Pope Francis about your life as an LGBT Catholic.
  2. Recording a video where you describe your thoughts on current LGBT issues as they pertain to the Church.
  3. Writing a story or drawing a picture to illustrate your faith and how it is connected to your life as an LGBT person or ally.

This is an opportunity for you to tell the Pope what you would like him to know about LGBT people and their relationship with the Catholic Church. Go to the Tell the Pope page to view what others have posted regarding their thoughts, struggles, and hopes for a brighter future.

With 76% of Catholics favoring laws that would protect LGBT people against discrimination, this is an opportunity for the Pope to hear the stories of those who remain steadfast in their faith, yet are often still alienated by a minority group within the Church. A meeting with those members of the LGBT Catholic community would be the beginning of a healing process between both communities.

Sign this petition to support such a meeting between Pope Francis and LGBT Catholics and their families.

To learn more about Pope Francis' visit read The Papal Visit: A journalist's guide to reporting on Pope Francis and the LGBT community.