Tell Governor Nathan Deal to veto Georgia's 'license to discriminate' bill

Without warning, the Georgia House of Representatives gave final passage to a bill HB 757, that would allow any person or faith-based organization (including nonprofits, charities, schools, universities, and hospitals) to cite their “religious beliefs” as justification to discriminate against others, including LGBT Georgians.

The bill is on its way to the Governor's desk right now, but you can help us stop it.

If Governor Deal signs this bill, it means that any taxpayer-funded faith-based organizations can deny services or employment to anyone who does not share its religious beliefs. Think of it. An organization could take taxpayer money to perform public services and then deny those services - as well as employment - to a taxpayer if that person doesn't share the organization's religious beliefs. 

In addition, it would undo protections already gained for the LGBT community in Georgia cities, like Atlanta.


Sign the petition today to stand up for ALL Georgians – and against this extreme "License To Discriminate" legislation.