Telemundo's "Un Nuevo Dia" reports on border action, includes LGBT story

There is a lot happening on the immigration front as activists throughout the country find ways to get the attention of legislators, the president and the populace about the need for comprehensive immigration reform, from border actions to apps developed with the help of tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg to petitions calling on President Obama to put a stop to the deportations that have reached a historic 2 million. 

Interestingly throughout the coverage, we have seen rainbow flags noting the presence of LGBTQ people as part of the immigration struggle but not always interviews of LGBT participants. That was not the case on Telemundo's morning show "Un Nuevo Dia."  The morning show includes periodic newsbreaks that acquaint its millions of viewers with the most important news going on across the country.

One of the segments, included an undocumented gay couple as participants in the border action and interviewed them along with other immigrants trying to reunite with their families or flee discrimination.  You can watch the video below: