Teen girl shunned by parents finds financial support online

When 19 year old Kate Koenig's parents found out she was pansexual and cut off their financial support, Kate never gave up on her dream of going to the University of Pittsburgh, and with the help of hundreds of supporters it looks like Kate's dream will come true.

A week before Kate started her first year at Pittsburgh, her father went through some of her emails and blog posts and discovered that his daughter was pansexual. Although Kate maintained a 4.1 GPA in high school and is double-majoring in English and History with a minor in German, Kate's father decided he would rather cut her off than to accept the fact that she was dating a transgender man.

Kate has been studying at a community college while she has been saving up the money to return to her dream school. She has been unable to take out loans, since loans require cosigners and her parents are unwilling to help. In a 2013 town hall in Binghamton, NY President Obama said there are no "special laws pertaining to young people who are cut off from support by their parents because their parents hadn't gotten to the place I think they should be when it comes to loving and supporting their kids regardless of who they are."

Beginning in September, the hashtag #keepkateincollege was started to bring attention to Kate's cause. After a flooding of support on social media, last week Kate decided to create a GoFundMe campaign to try to fund her college education. And because of the generosity of hundreds of individuals on the internet, Kate has already surpassed two-thirds of her $15,000 goal.

Kate told The Huffington Post that despite being cut off from her traditional religious family, she still has faith in her religion and does not think her sexuality necessarily clashes with her religious beliefs. The success of Kate's fundraising campaign is a heartwarming reminder that there is plenty of good in the world.