TAKE ACTION: Today is "Stand with Mr. Z" day!

In response to the recent firing of Eastside Catholic High School Vice Principal, Mark Zmuda, student leaders have organized Z Day 2014 in support of their beloved educator, who was terminated for legally marrying his husband. Eastside Catholic High School students stood by their cherished teacher and against the firing. They held sit-ins in support of Zmuda. Support for the students and Zmuda began to spread. Other area Catholic schools joined Eastside High as a sign of solidarity. The schools president, Sr. Mary Tracy, resigned because of the perseverence of the students and their desire for justice for their respected educator. 

And today is the next step. Students have declared January 31 "Z Day" to support Mark Zmuda. They are asking Catholics and their friends who support Mark Zmuda and LGBT equality to tweet "I Stand With Mr. Z" with the hashtag #Zday.

The students are encouraging other students, business professionals, and any other informed members of society in Seattle and elsewhere to wear orange and "Stand With Mr. Z" on Friday morning at 10:00am for a minute of quiet solidarity. 

The students of Eastside Catholic HS have been incredible examples for Catholics. They continue to show their love for their teacher who was, as Catholics are taught, created in God's own image. The founder of The Jesuits, St. Ignatius of Loyola, taught that "Love is shown more in deeds than in words" and that is exactly what the students of Eastside Catholic HS are doing. 

Join the students of Eastside Catholic HS and show your love in deeds.


Tweet "I Stand With Mr. Z" with the hashtag #Zday and post on the Z Day FaceBook page. Eastside Catholic HS students need the support of all those who stand for equality in our world as well as the church.