TAKE ACTION: Share your family photo to #March4Marriage

The National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and a host of other anti-LGBT organizations are gathering for the March for Marriage in Washington, DC at this every moment. Speakers include anti-LGBT activists like William Owens, who has equated homosexuality with bestiality and pedophilia, Harry Jackson, who has claimed that marriage equality is “a satanic plot to destroy our seed," and Jim Garlow, who has compared children of gay parents to children who lost their parents on 9/11. Even San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, filled his explanation for participating in the march with lies and misinformation.

In addition to the gathering of anti-LGBT activists in Washington, DC, planners are hoping to stir up anti-LGBT sentiment on Twitter. NOM is asking people to tweet in support of the anti-marriage rally with the hashtag #March4Marrage.


Scott Wooledge of Memeographs has devised a clever and informative way to use that very hashtag to demonstrate the happy marriages and families that exist within the LGBT community.

Tweet a photo of your spouse or your family, using the hashtag #March4Marriage. Share a short statement about why marriage is important to you. This will remind everyone who follows #March4Marriage that all marriage matter and deserve equal protection.

GLAAD is participating. On Twitter, you will see GLAAD's own President and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, sharing her family with the world.

"As NOM rallies against my family, I'm speaking out to remind people that my marriage matters," said Ellis. "Kristen and I, and our children, value marriage deeply, and need the same protections of marriage as anyone else. Love is love, and that's why our marriage matters."

Other GLAAD staff and board will be sharing their photos throughout the day: