TAKE ACTION: The games are almost over, the fight goes on

As we prepare for the closing Ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, it is crucial to continue the momentum towards LGBT equality around the globe. GLAAD would like to invite you light up your own torch to signify that the fire will continue to burn until we achieve LGBT equality everywhere. The Olympics served as an excellent time to spread awareness of anti-LGBT discrimination. Through social media and visibility in reporting, we were able to build momentum which invited athletes, celebrities and spectators. Now we are making a statement that although the games are coming to an end we are still fighting for equality.

GLAAD is joining 17 other organizations asking people in cities and countries around the world to light a torch or candle in public places and at homes, on social media through pictures and virtual flames.  This could start in Russia, spread to areas of Africa where the fight for LGBT rights is still so critical, and continue west through Europe and the United States until the entire world is shining bright.

The action is a part of the Uprising of Love coalition, which has brought attention from the entertainment industry to the plight of LGBT Russians.


Change your Facebook profile photos on Sunday, February 23rd to a torch. You can use this one, to remind people that the struggle for LGBT equality continues after the Olympics are over. Use the following language:

As the Olympic torch goes out, I'm lighting a candle to commit to #LGBT safety and dignity everywhere. #FightGoesOn  

Join the Facebook event for "The Fight Goes On"

And if you are in Los Angeles, please join us in West Hollywood, CA this Sunday February 23rd, at 2:30pm as we light up a symbolic torch to symbolize equality.

If you are in New York, join RUSA LGBT for a closing ceremony watching potluck. The event will also include a vigil for the violence in Ukraine. Full information on the event page

Not in Los Angeles or New York? You can also support the cause by attending or host an event. Get involved today to help continue the fight towards equality for all.