TAKE ACTION: Find a Decision Day rally near YOU!

The Supreme Court of the United States is set to rule on the discriminatory 'Defense of Marriage Act' (DOMA) and California's Prop 8 by the end of June. We've waited for years for this landmark decision from the Supreme Court, and while we wait in anticipation for the decision that could come any day now, it's especially vital that we remember how important our community is.

Whether the Supreme Court choosing to strike down or uphold DOMA, the LGBT and ally community will band together to celebrate or protest the Supreme Court's decision. No matter what the Supreme Court's decision is – it will be a time for us to band together nationally and locally as the community bound by love that we are.

Across the nation, localities are organizing rallies for the day of the decision – whatever day that ends up being. Time is quickly running out, and the decision could come any day now. Through triumph or defeat, LGBT people and our allies will gather in the name of equality.

To find the community gathering nearest to you, visit United for Marriage's website. Click through the picture or this link for a map of decision day rallies happening across the US!

Though the date of the rally won't be determined until the Supreme Court releases its decision, time and location have already been set. Because there's no way to know exactly what day the Supreme Court will decide, be prepared to attend a rally any Monday or Thursday until the end of June.

Join your LGBT allies and sisters in the name of love and equality no matter what the Supreme Court decides!


If you live in New York City, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, look below for information about rallies being formed. If you don't live in those cities, to find the closest rally to you.

New York City – 530pm (ET)
Stonewall Inn
53 Christopher St., NY, NY 10001

Los Angeles –    530pm (PT)
Intersection of San Vicente and Santa Monica Blvds., West Hollywood, CA

San Francisco – 530pm (PT)
Castro Street from Market Street to 19th Street, SF, CA

For more information on DOMA, PROP8, and the Supreme Court decision, visit GLAAD's marriage equality page.