Stonewall Inn declared an official NYC landmark

Today, the Stonewall Inn was officially named a New York City landmark. It is widely considered the birthplace of America's modern LGBT movement, so this is a great step forward in acknowledging LGBT history and presence in the city. This decision makes it the very first landmark in NYC to be named because of its connection to the LGBT movement. The vote was unanimous and was received with cheering. Granting landmark status to the Stonewall Inn gave it more safeguards and protections. 

The executive director of the Greenwich Village Society of Historic Preservation, Andrew Berman, pushed for the move and said, "Recognizing and protecting the tremendous historic significance of the Stonewall Inn is incredibly important, long overdue and more than worth the struggle it took to achieve." His sentiments were echoed by Landmarks Preservation Commission Chairwoman Meenakshi Srinivasan, who said that the events at Stonewall were a turning point for the LGBT rights movement and the nation's history.

It's significant and exciting that the inn was officially recognized during Pride month and Pride week especially. The uprising at the Stonewall Inn took place on June 28th of 1969 when police raided the bar and the patrons fought back. This event is commemorated by Pride every year. During Pride there is already nationwide focus on supporting the LGBT movement, community, and history, so making the Stonewall Inn an official landmark at this time is especially meaningful. It is a wonderful contribution to progressing forward with equality.