Staying is not possible. Leaving could break your heart. Award-winning film 'I Carry You With Me' opens June 25

For many immigrants, poverty, and violence make emigrating necessary. For immigrants who are gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, emigrating can also mean freedom to love the person you love, or to be the person you are. It is not without a cost, however, since going, for many, also means you may never again see those you love dearly: family and friends, parents and even children.

Staying is not possible. Leaving could break your heart.

That's just one of the themes explored in the GLAAD Media Award-nominated I Carry You With Me, the critically-acclaimed film premiering in Los Angeles and New York City on June 25 and in more cities across the country starting July 2. Directed by Heidi Ewing, the film offers a unique storytelling format that mixes narrative storytelling with documentary-style filming. 

What begins as a love story between Iván (Armando Espitia) and Gerardo (Christian Vázquez), pivots to a heart-pounding depiction of crossing over, reminiscent of "El Norte," "Icebox" and "Babel." Then comes the push to fulfill dreams, American and otherwise.

“Ravishing and unshakable, Ewing's authentic film feels like the crossbreed between a painful memory and a hopeful dream about a place, a relationship, and a fight for acceptance that's not political but entirely humanistic,” writes Carlos Aguilar in Remezcla. 

Don't miss it.

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