Stars of CBS go purple on Spirit Day to stand against bullying

The casts and crews from many of the most beloved CBS shows "went purple" today to celebrate Spirit Day and support LGBTQ youth!

Wilson Cruz spoke about Spirit Day from the set of Star Trek: Discovery.

The cast of Murphy Brown went purple...

And star Nik Dodani had a personal message to share!

Lead actor Alan Cumming led the cast and crew of Instinct in a powerful stand against bullying.

Host Drew Carey and the rest of the team at The Price Is Right showed their spirit in festive purple attire on air today.

The cast of Madam Secretary wore GLAAD's "Against Bullying" t-shirts in a show of support for LGBTQ youth. 

The cast and crew of The Red Line all went purple!

The Code cast and crew had purple shirts!

CBS News spread the news of Spirit Day!

MacGyver's cast got its way into some purple! 

Happy Together is happy to go purple!


It’s #SpiritDay! Take a stand against bullying with us, let’s see your purple. #HappyTogether

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SWAT is swatting away bullies.

The Big Bang Theory  and Young Sheldon went purple for science!

The cast of The Young and The Restless was restless to particpate in Spirit Day. 

Man With a Plan had a plan to support LGBTQ Youth!


The #ManWithAPlan cast is rocking purple all day in support of #SpiritDay @glaad

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Heather Tom donned some stunning purple fashion for the occasion.

The cast of NCIS New Orleans, Renne Felice Smith from NCIS: LA, and Brian Dietzen from NCIS had anti-bullying messages for their fans. 


Join the cast of #NCISNOLA and stand against bullying for #SpiritDay @glaad

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Join #NCIS star @briankdietzen and stand against bullying for #SpiritDay @glaad

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 The cast of Hawaii Five-0 was a vision in purple.

And the cast of The Neighborhood declared their neighborhood bully-free!

It was no mystery that the stars of Magnum P.I. support LGBTQ youth.

Great minds think alike... as do the great ones at Criminal Minds!


#Repost @kirstenvangsness ・・・ #spiritday @glaad is today and here is @aishatyler And I talking about it because it is a beautiful, important day. My elementary/junior high school life was pretty wrought with name calling, locker head smashes, trash-canning (that’s when someone puts you head first with your binder and books into a trash can and you get a visceral experience of garbage) and the like. I was a weirdo, I was in a larger body, I was bespectacled and I was queer. This cocktail of what makes a little KV contributed to me being a really good candidate to be bullied. As an adult: I remain a weirdo, who sometimes wear contacts, who sometimes/sometimes not lives in a largeresque body and is queer identified. I don’t get trash canned anymore but many kids right now are having an awful time of it like that and then some. Today is the day we all collectively say: we see you, we have your back, do whatever you need to take care of yourself and let’s all heal this trauma of the bullied and the bullies together. I hug you from this computer machine to yours. Deep breath, your spirit is it’s very own singular sparkle, guard it and know you have a absolute right to your truth and experience. PS thank you @amandapalmer for one of the best lyrics “fear makes you cruel” that I say in said video and didn’t site her.

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We love the true colors on the cast of God Friended Me!

 We didn't have to make a deal to get the Let's Make a Deal team go purple.

We are very grateful to the cast of Life In Pieces for supporting LGBTQ youth.

The Amazing Race raced to post their Sprit Day message!


Join @philiminator and stand against bullying for #SpiritDay @glaad

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He's a Survivor! Jeff Probst went purple once again this year.  

 We love the incredible cast of Mom!

Here's one Fam that takes a stand against bullying. 

Stephen Colbert and The Late Show team are huge Spirit Day advocates!

We love our friends over at The Talk who go purple year over year!

A major shout-out to this year's CBS Showcase participants!

 And last — but certainly not least — we love our friends on the CBS Entertainment Diversity team! Thank you, Tiffany, Raiza, and team!