Star-Ledger publishes new story on Eyricka Morgan, without correcting previous reports

Following last week's reports by Monica Roberts and other advocates that a transgender woman named Eyricka Morgan had been killed in New Jersey, GLAAD called for The Star-Ledger newspaper to correct its inaccurate reporting about the victim. Despite a conversation with the first Star-Ledger reporter to cover the story, Sue Epstein, and several phone calls and emails to editors by GLAAD and community members, the paper had not responded as of Friday.

Yesterday, the Star-Ledger took an important step in the right direction by publishing an article that correctly refers to the victim as Eyrikca Morgan and with female pronouns throughout the story. However, the older stories have not been corrected, and the paper has not issued a formal correction explaining its previous decision to misidentify the victim and disregard concerns of community members.

"When media outlets report on trans women of color who are victims of violence, they too often misgender and stereotype these women's lives at a time when they should be educating readers" said GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz. "The Star-Ledger and all media should ensure that Eyricka Morgan is remembered accurately, and correct their previous reporting on her death."

GLAAD will continue monitoring media coverage of Eyricka Morgan's death, and calling for the Star Ledger to issue a correction regarding previous misgendring in its reporting. Journalists reporting on Eyricka Morgan can refer to GLAAD's resource, Doubly Victimized: Reporting on Transgender Victims of Crime and visit GLAAD's Media Reference Guide

If you see defamatory coverage of Eyricka Morgan's murder, if she is misgendered or slandered for being transgender, please report it to GLAAD.