Sports writer Cyd Zeigler releases new book on LGBT athletes

"Fair Play" by Cyd Zeigler

Cyd Zeigler, a renowned sports writer and GLAAD Media Award nominated journalist, began writing about LGBT sports issues in 1999. He has continued  writing on the topic of LGBTQ acceptance in sports, including, most recently, in his newest publication, Fair Play: How LGBT Athletes Are Claiming Their Rightful Place in Sports

Fair Play, published in conjunction with Akashic Books, tells the story of how sports are transforming for LGBTQ athletes, and specifically focuses on the time period following the turn of the 21st century. Zeigler's book covers treatment of LGBTQ athletes, touching on bullying and hazing that has surrounded, and continues to surround, LGBTQ athletes, specifically in high school and college, while weaving in stories of LGBT athletes and allies such as Michael Irvin, Fallon Fox, and Michael Sam, among others.

As explained by Publishers Weekly, while LGBTQ athletes have steadily become more accepted in sports, Fair Play is an important and accessible read that provides support and encouragement for LGBTQ acceptance in sports, specifically for younger athletes, while debunking myths about LGBTQ athletes. Fair Play aims to break down the culture of fear that surrounds LGBTQ athletes coming out in the sports community.

Fair Play has received positive reviews as an releveant publication that encompasses a brief history of LGBTQ athletes in sports, inspiring stories of athletes coming out, and an urgency to continue to progress towards full acceptance of LGBTQ athletes in sports.

Take a look at what is being said about Fair Play:

The Washington Blade writes, ​"It's hard not to be fascinated with what’s definitely not your usual game coverage. Zeigler is a nationally known sports writer and this book is filled with insider peeks, big-name examples, astonishing incidents and up-and-comer encouragement." 

The Kirkus Reviews points out the positive impact Fair Play is making on the LGBTQ athletes of tomorrow:​​​​ " founder Zeigler gives an account of the great strides LGBTQ athletes have made in the sports world over the last 15 years...Lively and provocative, the book not only offers a much-needed perspective on what until recently has been one of the last bastions of heterosexism. It is also significant for its conscious consideration of how current developments will impact LGBTQ athletes of tomorrow. An informative, necessary work."

L​astly, in response to Zeigler's book, Publishers Weekly shares:

"T​​his important and accessible book about the evolving treatment of LGBTQ athletes in organized sports should be required reading for anyone involved in the playing, coaching, and administration of organized sports. Zeigler, an expert in LGBTQ athletics and cofounder of the online magazine Outsports, revisits key moments that have shaped sports participation for openly LGBTQ athletes....The author debunks the myth that having a nonstraight athlete on a team’s roster is a 'distraction' and shares positive stories of younger athletes at high school and college levels who have come out to coaches, teammates, and family members. Zeigler argues that the dominant emotion holding back LGBTQ athletes is fear, reminding them and everyone else that courage is contagious."

Cyd Zeigler's book, ​Fair Play, is available for purchase here