#SpiritDay for your smartphone

Just because the iPhone 5c doesn't come in purple, doesn't mean you can't celebrate Spirit Day with your smartphone (you could always get a purple case, though, just saying).  With the help of Toyota Financial Services, GLAAD has developed and released the "Go Purple for #SpiritDay powered by Toyota Financial Services" app, available for free for both iPhone and Android-powered phones.  It's simple, it's informative, and-- after "testing" the selfie function of it for the past ten minutes, I have to admit-- it's fun.  Most importantly, it's a way of spreading the message of Spirit Day across your social networks, and making a statement against bullying and in support of LGBT youth.

The app offers four functions to help you spread the word about Spirit Day.  The "go purple" function, the app's main page, lets you add a purple tint and Spirit Day banner to any new or existing photo, and then share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  The app also features a handy page of resources for participating in Spirit Day, and for encouraging community participation, as well as an "About #SpiritDay" page for quick, simple information about the nationwide event.  Finally, the app lets you donate to the Spirit Day Fund, which supports GLAAD's year-round efforts to combat bullying, support LGBT youth and garner support for and participation in the annual Spirit Day.  To download the app, just visit the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.  Here are some screenshots, including the aforementioned test selfie:


Founded in 2010, Spirit Day, which will be on October 17 this year, is an international, united stand against bullying and show of support for LGBT teens and young adults everywhere. Participants can get into the spirit by

  • Taking the Spirit Day Pledge
  • Wearing purple on the 17th
  • Spreading the word through social media, using #SpiritDay, and turning their profile pictures and websites purple
  • Downloading the Spirit Day App
  • Educating your friends and family about bullying and the LGBT community
  • Getting your school, GSA, organization, etc. to become a Spirit Day partner

There's still time to become a Spirit Day participant and partner, and to join the Facebook event! Sign up today and spread the word.