For #SpiritDay, Ditch the Label pulls back the curtain on bullying

More and more global organizations are going purple for Spirit Day. Ditch the Label is one of the largest anti-bullying charities in the world. They provide instant advice directly through their website and have hundreds of guides, articles and interviews freely available, along with opportunities to speak with trained mentors and to ask questions to a wider community of likeminded people.

In June, Ditch the Label released their "Annual Bullying Survey" which is an asset to finding out how bullying occurs, the persistence of the harassment, and most importantly, it allows Ditch the Label and their sponsors to persevere in their advocacy of creating a world where youth are free from intimidation or harassment.

Ditch the Label's anti-bullying initiative coordinates with GLAAD's annual Spirit Day, the largest single movement for anti-bullying for LGBT youth worldwide. Together, the Annual Bullying Survey and GLAAD's Spirit Day work to promote acceptance for all youth in a show of global support from advocates for change.

Their findings break down into age ranges, types of bullying, and geographic statistics. Running alongside the statistics are comments and stories of those who have been bullied, which personalizes the survey and illustrates how Ditch the Label's work has changed the lives of youth across the globe.

In addition to the survey's information on those who have been bullied, for the first time, Ditch the Label has included a portion on those who do the bullying. According to the Annual Bullying Survey, 33% of people aged 12-20 who participated in their study note that they have done something to purposefully upset someone else. In addition, the study finds that 24% of those who say they have been bullied in turn have then bullied someone else.

The web site has become a hub for more than just statistics on bullying, but also a resource for young people. By clicking on “I Need Help” along the top, youth can ask questions and access articles and resource related to their question. If the question includes language about self-harm, the results will direct the questioner to call suicide prevention hotlines in the US or the UK.  

If you’re either experiencing bullying or are being bullied, the Ditch the Label website is a great resource to get help and support.