Spanish-Language Shows Go Purple for #SpiritDay

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October 15, 2020

One again this year it was fantastic to see the casts of leading Spanish-language shows go purple for #SpiritDay. The casts of the morning show Despierta América on Univision and of Un Nuevo Día on Telemundo all rocked purple again this year, as did the hosts of Primer Impacto and The Zoo on LATV. Spanish-language streamer Pantaya joined #SpiritDay and turned various channels purple.

Both morning shows, Despierta América and Un Nuevo Día, included powerful stories about having been bullied and overcoming the experiences. Both also included mothers who highlighted the importance of finding love and acceptance at home, especially when a young person is being bullied at school. One mom shared how she wished she had more actively accepted her son sooner, and how much it pains her to think of the years he spent without his family’s support.

GLAAD’s Monica Trasandes, Director of Spanish-Language & Latinx Media & Representation, was a guest on the morning shows and spoke about the impact of sending messages of support to youth in the U.S. and around the world.