Spanish-language media networks cover St. Patrick's Day LGBTQ exclusion

All the major Spanish-language media networks covered the exclusion of LGBTQ people in the New York and Boston St. Patrick's Day parade.  Univision mentioned the parade and the controversy during its highly watched nightly news program that reaches over 1.6 million viewers.  The segment mentioned that some key sponsors and the city's mayor boycotted the parade because of the exclusion. 


Telemundo's coverage included the New York affiliate station's Yolanda Vasquez' piece which featured LGBTQ activists explaining in Spanish why they were protesting the parade.  Vasquez' piece included historical context detailing that 20 years ago then Mayor David Dinkins also boycotted the parade because the organizers excluded members of the community. 


Finally on CNNE's "Nuestro Mundo" (Our World), a show that reaches viewers not only in the US, but in Mexico and Latin America, the host Patricia Jainot wrapped up her segment on the parade with this message-  "Let's see if next year the organizers reconsider their decision of excluding the gay community."  The segment also mentions that people in Ireland wore pink in their parades in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.