Southern Baptists, Call me Kuchu, and a 'gay lobby' : this week's religion news summary

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Southern Baptists came to an official conclusion about the new BSA policy, but don’t worry - the Southern Baptists still ‘love’ them. The United Methodist Church is set to open its doors to troops thrown to the side by the SBC. An American student who was kicked out of her Christian college and told to repay tuition has started a petition to challenge the decision,

Former GLAAD intern (and Religion News Summary Compiler), Todd Clayton was featured in a hilarious clip on The Daily Show.

The Catholic Church has attracted a lot of attention with the Pope’s off-the-record comments about a so-called “gay lobby”, in the Vatican, leading people inside and outside of the Catholic Church wondering if the pope is waving a white flag about gay marriage, or if he is indeed homophobic. A Pew Research Center survey that was released found that nearly half of LGBT people claim no religious affiliation, while another survey on a similar topic revealed that LGBT people view most US faiths as unfriendly.

Click here to see Pew Research’s most recent study about media support of marriage equality

A Muslim group in the UK is working to open LGBT-and-female-friendly mosques, which has been the cause of speculation and controversy. The documentary Call Me Kuchu documents the struggle of being LGBT in Uganda, a country where homophobia is church and state sanctioned, and in Hong Kong, 300 Asian LGBT Christians gathered at Amplify 2013.

Survey: Percentage of 'Religiously Unaffiliated' Gays More Than Twice the General Population
CP U.S., 6/14/13
Nearly Half of LGBT People Claim No Religion
RD Magazine, 6/14/13

Big Baptist group urges ouster of Boy Scout execs
CNN, 6/12/13
Southern Baptists announce anti-gay boy scouts resolution
GLAAD, 6/12/13
Don’t worry, gay scouts, Southern Baptists still ‘love’ you
Associated Baptist Press, 6/17/13

Syracuse Catholic Church hosts Gay Pride prayer service, 6/11/13
Gay marriage continues to bother Cardinal Francis George
National Catholic Reporter, 6/12/13
Is Pope Francis a homophobe?
Los Angeles Times, 6/12/13
US: Gay Catholics to turn their backs on Cardinal who compared Pride to Ku Klux Klan rally
Pink News, 6/13/13
Croatia Catholic Church forcing people to sign against gay marriage
Gay Star News, 6/13/13
Bishop asked to talk about gays in workplaces
The Columbus Dispatch, 6/13/13
Pope's Reference To 'Gay Lobby' Broaches Taboo Topic
NPR, 6/13/13
Pope Francis is emerging strongly from the Vatican's 'gay lobby' crisis
The Guardian, 6/14/13
Is Pope Francis Waving a White Flag on Gay Marriage?
Huffington Post, 6/14/13
Archbishop takes a stand against gay pride parade
KGW8 Portland, 6/14/13
The Pope's Gay Panic
The New York Times, 6/15/13
Our ‘Gay Lobby’
Edge On The Net, 6/16/13
Catholic Church unfriendly to LGBT people? No, living a split reality.
Huffington Post, 6/17/13

Student kicked out of Christian university after coming out as gay told she must pay back $6,300 scholarship to continue her education elsewhere
Daily Mail, 6/13/13
Survey: Gay and lesbian population has unique religious profile
Deseret News, 6/15/13
Christians Need To Face It: We're All Gay
Huffington Post, 6/15/13
The Daily Show hilariously skewers Christians calling gays intolerant
Mediaite, 6/17/13

Christian Reformed Church
Christian Reformed Church will study how to communicate its beliefs on gays
M Live, 6/13/13

Call Me Kuchu: Documenting The Struggle For Equality In Uganda
Believe Out Loud, 6/13/13
Amplify 2013: 300 Queer Asian Christians gather in Hong Kong
Huffington Post, 6/17/13


Religious views among LGBT people revealed in new survey
Huffington Post, 6/14/13
Study says gays find most US faiths unfriendly
Religion News Service, 6/14/13

Coming out, a young gay man finds self-acceptance
JTA, 6/12/13

United Methodist Church welcomes scouts displaced by Southern Baptists, 6/13/13
Local churches talk about open worship and the county’s gay population
Anniston Star, 6/14/13
UMC welcomes Scouts spurned by SBC
Associated Baptist Press, 6/14/13

Muslim group plans to open gay and female friendly mosque
BBC News, 6/13/13
Out, standing
Now, 6/13/13
Mixed Gender Mosques Stir UK Uproar
OnIslam, 6/14/13