Sounds of Pride 2020

Pride month during this unprecedented year is coming to a close and we still have months to go for this unconventional summer. Whether you are staying safe at home or braving the outside world with your mask in tow, GLAAD would love to introduce you to some new LGBTQ summer songs written by GLAAD Media Institute alumni and friends of GLAAD.

Brian Falduto - God Loves Me Too

Brian Falduto first gained notoreity portraying gay student Billy in the 2003 movie "School of Rock." Now all grown up and living out and proud, Brian has written a heartfelt Christian country song to reach out to LGBTQ individuals living in Christian communities. Whether you are still in the closet out of fear of violence or losing your community, grappling with reconciling your faith with your gender/orientation, or out as queer and looking for a welcoming church, Brian has one simple message to you: "God loves you."

Trey Pearson - 1984 (In Memory of Larry Kramer)

Continuing on with out Christian singers, Trey Pearson released the lyric video of his song "1984" in memory of outspoken playright and AIDS activist Larry Kramer. Kramer had unfortunately passed away in May of this year, just a couple days short of Pride month. Trey's upbeat summer bop is a wonderfully upbeat song that hopes to remind the LGBTQ community of it power and resilience during troubling times where the days and difficult news seem to just go on and on.

Nejma Nefertiti and Nina Kennedy - "Blue White and Red"

Melding neoclassical piano overtures, modern synths, and an earthy rap style, lyricist Nejma Nefertiti and classical pianist Nina Kennedy created a protest song to keep you energized as you continue to advocate for change.

Joshy* – Understand Me Huh

Out rapper Joshy* released a new rap single for the 5th annual commemoration of the Pulse shooting. Fueled by his experiences as a queer black man in a country that continues to devalue Black lives and marginalize the LGBTQ community, Joshy* accompanies his fast-spitting lyricism with videos, statistics, and imagery that lays out bare the continuing struggles of the LGBTQ community in the United States and internationally. The video ends with a very short but poignant message from the incomparable Emmy-and-Tony-winning Billy Porter.

Jesse & Joy - Love (Es Neustro Idioma)

The amazing Jesse & Joy, a sister and brother Latin Grammy winning duo from Mexico, created this last entry on our list. Their song, whose title translates roughly to "Love (Is Our Language)," is part of a United Nations campaign to bring attention to the horror that is so-called conversion therapy. Their insanely catchy song features lots of LGBTQ celebs and allies in its music video. Joy Huerta came out when announcing that she and wife were becoming parents and Jesse is a proud LGBTQ ally. Enjoy!